Julia’s story – Chitogel helps young woman back to normal life

Julia (37) says she was referred for revision surgery by her GP after enduring year-round symptoms of chronic sinus disease: severe frontal headaches, congestion, prominent nasal discharge, watery eyes and irritation, lasting days at a time. Unsurprisingly, these caused problems with her breathing, sleeping and ability to focus at work. She says: “I always felt […]

Maureen’s story – Better long-term outcomes using Chitogel nasal dressing

In New Zealand and the United States, an increasing number of surgeons are using a new postoperative nasal dressing that can be applied to the sinuses after endoscopic sinus surgery. Chitogel postoperative hydrogel nasal dressing is favoured over older, more traditional methods of packing. A Wellington based specialist endoscopic sinus surgeon uses Chitogel routinely and […]