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How To Use Chitogel

Easy, Efficient and Effective

Everything you need to prepare, mix and apply Chitogel is found in the Chitogel Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit.

The Gel preparation and setting time will take approximately 20 minutes, so preparation must start sufficiently in advance of when the Gel is expected to be used in surgery.

Watch our step-by-step mixing video to see how Chitogel is used in practice.


Using Chitogel follows a simple, three step process. These three steps are Preparation, Mixing & Application

How to apply Chitogel

Watch Dr. Daniel E Braby elegantly demonstrate the seamless process of applying Chitogel into the sinuses, as well as the significant ostial area improvements and wound healing benefits experienced by the patient after sinus surgery.

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When applying Chitogel, it is important to apply the Gel to all areas in a specific sequence.

  • 10 mL of Chitogel is to be applied to each side.  
  • Apply the Gel to the sinuses in order, firstly applying to the frontal sinus.
  • Bend the tip of the malleable cannula for the angle required to place accurately into the frontal ostium. Next, place Chitogel into the sphenoid sinus, then fill the ethmoid sinuses in a posterior to anterior direction, and then around the maxillary ostium.
  • Lastly, apply to the space between the anterior end of the middle turbinate and the lateral nasal wall. It’s important to leave space in the floor of the nose so the patient will have a bilateral nasal airway.

Post-Operative Care

  • The patient should be advised to undertake nasal washes 4-6 times per day for two weeks following surgery. 
  • The patient should be advised that the nasal washing should be conducted using a normal nasal saline washing solution and each wash should use approximately 8 ounces/240 mL. 
  • The patient must have a post-operative review by the surgeon, within 1-2 weeks of the surgery. At the first post-operative review by the surgeon, any remaining Gel in the sinus cavity should be removed, ideally with suction.

Trouble Shooting

It is imperative that the sinuses are irrigated on a regular basis from the first post-operative day. We advise using 240 mL of saline douche, 4-6 times daily for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Failure to do so can result in the Gel forming into a crust.
If this occurs, then careful debridement of the crust and removal should be performed by the surgeon at the 2 week post-operative review, and saline irrigations commenced.
If after application of the Gel there is too much Gel in the floor of the nose for the patient to breathe through, careful suctioning along the floor of the nose is recommended to remove the excess Gel. 
At the end of the surgery, it is important that any active bleeding is controlled, as you would normally, prior to application of the Gel. Bipolar cautery is used to control active bleeding. This must be done before the placement of the Gel, to avoid the risk that the Gel may be “washed” out of the sinuses by significant bleeding.