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Chitogel for Patients

Optimising wound healing for patients
with Chitogel post-operative dressing

Chitogel is a soft and pliable gel that enhances post-operative comfort and the patient experience.

Once applied in the sinuses, Chitogel clears naturally in 7-14 days with nasal irrigation.

Chitogel is proven, safe and effective in promoting natural wound healing and healthy sinuses.

How can Chitogel help my recovery?

After sinus surgery problems can arise when openings narrow or close off due to scar tissue forming. This may result in a recurrence of symptoms, and may require additional medical or surgical treatment12 12Ramadan H.H. Surgical causes of failure in endoscopic sinus surgery. Laryngoscope 1999:109(1):27-29.

Chitogel is placed in the sinuses to improve wound healing and keep the sinuses open, enhancing outcomes after endoscopic sinus surgery.

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We help people back to normal life

Chronic sinusitis causes problems such as severe headaches, congestion, nasal inflammation and many others, all of which significantly interfere with day to day life.

Chitogel is designed to provide excellent patient outcomes in complex sinus procedures, helping chronic sinusitis patients relieve their symptoms and get back to normal life quicker.


Benefits of Chitogel

Chitogel reduces ostial stenosis, minimises adhesions and acts as an adjunct in the natural healing process.

Supports healing

Enhances wound healing and is shown to promote healthy sinuses1 1Ha T, Valentine R, Moratti S, Hanton L, Robinson S, Wormald P-J. The efficacy of a novel budesonide chitosan gel on wound healing following endoscopic sinus surgery. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2018 Mar;8(3):435-4439 9Megow A, Alsuliman Y, Bouras G, et al. Chitogel following endoscopic sinus surgery promotes a healthy microbiome and reduces postoperative infections. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2022;1-15.  

Controls bleeding

Controls minimal bleeding after sinus surgery3 3Chandra RK, Conley DB, Haines GK, 3rd, Kern RC. Long-term effects of FloSeal packing after endoscopic sinus surgery. American journal of rhinology. 2005;19(3):240-2434 4Kokkevold PR, Lew DS, Ellis DG, Bertolami CN. The effect of chitosan on lingual haemostasis in rabbits. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 1991; 49858-86311 11FDA 510K, Chitogel Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit, K172179.510K, Summary.Final

Prevents scarring

Prevents adhesions between mucosal surfaces in the nasal cavity 5 5Costain DJ, Kennedy R, Ciona C, McAlister VC, Lee TD. Prevention of postsurgical adhesions with N, O-carboxymethyl chitosan: examination of the most efficacious preparation and the effect N, O-carboxymethyl chitosan on postsurgical healing. Surgery. 1997 Mar;121(3):314-9.10 10Ha T, Valentine R, Moratti S, Robinson S, Hanton L, Wormald PJ. A blinded randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of chitosan gel on ostial stenosis following endoscopic sinus surgery. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2013 Jul;3(7):573-8011 11FDA 510K, Chitogel Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit, K172179.510K, Summary.Final

Supported by globally renowned surgeons and their patients

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surgeon & patient testimonials

Surgeon and patient testimonials

"My patient’s nose looked great 2 weeks postop. The ostia are patent and there is no scarring"
"The gel gives the best results in a few months, and you will have an ‘a-ha' moment when this happens"
"It fully absorbed after 10 days and the patient continues to improve"
"It’s great that you have enough gel for both sides"
"I found the product easy to use"
"Just being able to focus, without that pressure behind my eyes and in my nose cavity... everything is clear. It is lovely"
"It's nice just to be able to lie down to sleep, and just live a normal life".