About Us

Chitogel Limited is a medical device company offering a clinically-proven hydrogel that improves patient outcomes following endoscopic sinus surgeries and other potential applications. We have our headquarters and a EN ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility in Wellington, New Zealand.



Our first product to market is the Chitogel Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit, which was launched in the United States of America and New Zealand in 2019. For the United States, we have a sales, marketing and distribution partnership with Medtronic.

Chitogel supports critical wound healing by combining chitosan, dextran and glycerol — all derived from natural resources.

Many patients with chronic sinusitis whose conditions fail to respond to medical treatment and require surgery to return their sinus cavities to normal. Chitogel is a postoperative hydrogel nasal dressing that can be applied to sinuses after endoscopic sinus surgery. It has been proven in clinical trials to address a number of the traditional sinus surgery shortcomings:

  • Separates tissue or structures compromised by surgical trauma
  • Reduces frontal, sphenoid and maxillary ostial stenosis
  • Controls minimal bleeding by tamponade effect, blood absorption, and platelet aggregation
  • Reduces adhesion formation between mucosal surfaces in the nasal cavity
  • Enhances wound healing and addresses patient comfort
  • Clears naturally post-surgery with nasal irrigation

Blair Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Gilbert

New Zealand Sales Manager

Ludmila Bezerra

Business Analyst 

Dr Shailesh Goswami

Production Manager

Elizabeth Del Rio

Quality and Regulatory Officer